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3518, boul. Saint-Laurent
Tel: 514 848-0644

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Born out of the simple notion that a restaurant and entertainment can go hand in hand. Ristorante Buonanotte, while maintening its devotion to culinary excellence in Italian Cuisine has continued to serve its faithful duty as Montreal's beacon of nightlife. Since 1991, Buonanotte is the place for those wishing to experience all the charm, style, flair and grace the city has to offer on its most vibrant and cosmopolitan boulevard. Located in proximity to the premier galleries, museums, boutiques and hotels, Buonanotte will satisfy every visitors senses, cravings and more.

Long established Italian principles are at the heart of Buonanotte's menu, offering a beautiful balance of innovation and Italian tradition. Chef Fabrizio Caprioli let us travel from region to region specialities with its own touch.



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