A little history - Vanilla awakens the satyr
A little history - Vanilla awakens the satyr

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Vanilla awakens the satyr

Vanilla contains volatile essences and has an aphrodisiac effect on the senses, which is why it is used in perfume-making to increase desire. The German physicist Bezaar Zimmermann states in his book On Experiences, published in 1762, that more that 342 men who had been declared impotent became model lovers after having drunk his vanilla-based decoctions.

Even now, in certain regions of Central and South America, including Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela, men try to recapture their former vigour by soaking a few vanilla beans in a glass of tequila or another white alcohol for almost a month. They claim that by taking 10 to 15 drops of this preparation each night, they stay in shape… But, after all, what man would say otherwise?

These days, vanilla is used more for scents and flavourings: in the kitchen, to perfume bath water, for room scents, etc.


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