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A journey through Australia > Victoria - Where Lamb and Beef are a Feast

We continue south to round Australia's extreme southeastern corner. The capital, Canberra, is situated here, between Sydney and Melbourne, a product of the two cities' competition. Aussies are a laid-back people, and so as not to put themselves between a rock and a hard place, they decided to create a third city on these rich fertile lands to be the seat of government. Regional specialties include suckling lamb, grain-fed beef and rainbow trout. When visiting the region, stroll along Lake Burley Griffin, have a glass of wine in the vineyards that extend around the townships of Murrumbateman, Hall and Burgendore, or order up a pint of English beer, brewed in the city's oldest pub, the Wig and Pen. 

The Shepparton district in particular is known as the 'Food Bowl of Australia’. You’ll dine well on unique and flavoursome local produce - from yabbies, Murray cod, Murray crays to peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, and cherries.

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Melbourne, very European and dapper, has kept its old-fashioned trams and you can still cross the city on them.

On the traditional menu, you'll find orange roughy cooked in white wine with a touch of citrus, whiting fried in beer batter, the famous carpetbag steak (beef filet stuffed with oysters, rolled in bacon and served with mushroom sauce), as well as a porterhouse steak in which the oysters are replaced with ham, mushrooms and shallots.

Orange Roughy
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