Octobre 12 - Wines from the South-West of France
Octobre 12 - Wines from the South-West of France

Between the Bordeaux region and the Pyrénées, the South-West is a traditional wine region. Everyone is invited to partake in the zest for life and the warm hospitality of the South-West through dry or sweet white, red, rosé and sparkling wines! Know  each appelation and how to pair wine and food

Table of Cooking Term Equivalents
Table of Cooking Term Equivalents

Depending on whether you're in North America, the United Kingdom, or other parts of the world, terms differ. We're providing a list of some common kitchen terms that change from one side of the Atlantic to the other - don't hesitate to contact us if we've left one out. We'd be happy to add it to our glossary.

British (U.K.) Terms North American Terms
aubergine eggplant
beetroot beet
biscuit cookie
caster sugar fruit sugar or fine granulated sugar
clingfilm plastic wrap
corn flour cornstarch
courgette zucchini
demerara sugar light brown cane sugar
double cream heavy or whipping cream
greaseproof paper waxed paper
groundnut peanut
hob cooktop or stovetop
icing sugar powdered sugar or confectioner's sugar
maize or sweetcorn corn
marrow squash
mince ground meat
muslin cheesecloth
plain flour all-purpose flour
pudding dessert
single cream light cream
treacle molasses
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