Worldwide Gourmet
Worldwide Gourmet

With the national holiday of the Austrians falling on October 26, we render homage to Austria for having given us croissants!

October 22 - Wine pairing
October 22 - Wine pairing

Try a Wine & Cheese for your next Happy Hour.
Which wine to pair with Normandy AOC cheeses?
> Camembert
> Livarot
> Neufchâtel
> Pont l'Évêque

October 21th - In the market
October 21th - In the market

Are you familiar with salsify? Low in calories, and with a flavor slightly reminiscent of artichoke, this root vegetable is found on market stalls from October to late January. Learn about its history and use:

You will find also on the market :

Red kuri squash or Hokkaido squash:to fight cold and rainy autumn westher

Quince, symbol of the love and the happiness

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