Worldwide Gourmet
Worldwide Gourmet

Christmas beer can be enjoyed only until December 31, and not a day later!
After that, the only way to sample it is to wait until next year.

November 23 - Christmas gifts
November 23 - Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts to put under the tree
Chocolat Alain Ducasse, Opinel, Bonne Maman

Cooking books & E-books

Christmas around the world #2
Christmas around the world #2

CHRISTMAS sparkles with a thousand and one facets. Yield to the temptation of recipes and culinary traditions from 28 countries! This week:

In Provence, sit down to 7 courses and 13 desserts
In Alsace be tempted by foie gras
In Italy, pasta, veal and pannetone
In Great Britain, Christmas means mincemeat pies and Christmas pudding
In Finland, the kitchens are filled with aromas from the sea

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