Worldwide Gourmet
Worldwide Gourmet

August is Lobster Month in the Pine Tree State. Learn more about lobster - How to buy and how to cook the King of Crustaceans

August 15 - The Maine Course
August - Eat local!
August - Eat local!

The pandemic has given rise to a new collective response: support for local products and businesses.

Wild blueberry 
Few products are more emblematic of Quebec than the wild blueberry. The production leader is the Saguenary-Lac-Saint-Jean region, where more than 30,000 hectares are devoted to growing. It's the second-biggest producer of wild blueberries in the world, with exports to over 30 countries! Learn how to buy, store and cook wild blueberries!

When you notice the blackberries are turning a rich red, easing into the dark purple black, it means "It's blackberry picking time" and time to get jamming.

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