Western Australia (Perth)
Western Australia (Perth)
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As you cross the vineyards of southwestern Australia, the landscapes will take your breath away. In Perth, on the banks of the Swan River, you can eat some very, very good sardines, caught that day in nearby Fremantle, and considered by some to be the best in the world. The epicentre of international cuisine is concentrated around Northbridge, the harbour district. Naturally you should order seafood, particularly "marron," a freshwater crayfish that delights gourmets, but don't pass up the suckling veal, local sausages or smoked meats. If you want to try some "pearl meat," a prized and costly delicacy consisting of the shell muscle of pearl oysters, you'll have to travel some 2237 km north to Broome, where the pearl industry is centered. This is an important growing region and a mango festival takes place here in November. 

Swan Valley, famous for its many award-winning wineries.
Western Australia (Perth) 1
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