Culinary Specialties
Culinary Specialties
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At the entrance to the souk, or marketplace, in a square or beside a road, you’ll find vendors preparing delicious meat skewers: a tasty, quick and economical treat.

This is the traditional Friday family lunch, but it can be found in restaurants every day of the week. During your trip, you can sample countless varieties of couscous, since it varies according to region and the cook’s whim. Instead of using utensils, eat it with your fingers, Moroccan style!

Spit or oven roasted lamb. It melts in your mouth!

Flaky pastry filled with pigeon and almonds: this sweet and savory pie is one of Morocco’s most celebrated dishes. There are variations made with fish and chicken and even a dessert version made with milk.

Ramadan dishes
When the sun has set during Ramadan, the fast (f’tour) is broken with a rich and flavorful soup called harira, made with meat, lentils and chickpeas; beghrir, small waffles served with melted butter and honey; and shebbakia, small cakes, fried and dipped in honey. This “light” snack tides everyone over until the real dinner takes place later at night.

This word refers both to the vessel (a decorated terra cotta dish with a conical lid) and the dish prepared in it (a meat, poultry or fish stew). Once you taste it, you’ll understand why tagine is Morocco’s national dish.

Mint tea
Thirst-quenching, warming and reviving, mint tea is drunk in the morning, after meals, and generally at any time. A pleasure not to be missed.

To follow in the footsteps of Paul Bowles, Jean Genet, Paul Morand or Pasolini, what could be more appropriate than having a glass of mint tea in a café in Tangier? Some might answer, “Tea with absinthe (chiba).”

Honey cakes, “gazelle horns,” feqqas with almonds or raisins, almond or sesame ghoriba… Irresistible!

Argan oil
In the back country of Essaouira grows a tree that is found only in Morocco: the argan. Its nuts provide a highly-prized cooking oil. Goats love the leaves and don’t hesitate to climb to the top of the trees to reach them.

Oysters from Oualidia
These delicious oysters are worth going out of your way for. After you’ve had your fill, take a stroll along the cove’s beach, protected from the ocean’s force by little islands. Once you get back to Casablanca, if you’re still yearning for oysters, you’ll be happy to know you can find them in local restaurants.


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