Entertaining Italian-Style
Entertaining Italian-Style
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A Puccini aria, candles, a table set in red, white and green, an appropriate menu, a good Italian wine.... and presto, you're immersed in the heart of Italy.

A true Italian meal can include from three to five courses, sometimes more.

  1. antipasti (starters)
  2. primi (pasta, risotto or soup)
  3. secondi (main courses, generally consisting of meat, poultry or fish)
  4. formaggi (cheese)
  5. frutta e dolci (fruits and desserts)

Often, bread that has been brushed with olive oil and lightly grilled is brought to the table. Ceramic plates in bright colors can be in varied patterns, as if each were a unique piece. On the other hand, the table cloth, serviettes and accessories should be unified.

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