Entertaining Moroccan-Style
Entertaining Moroccan-Style
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Entertaining Moroccan-style means first of all creating a warm and convivial atmosphere. Everyone sits on pillows placed right on the glazed-tile floor, or on benches as in some restaurants. 

The table is round and made of gleaming elaborately-worked copper that reflects the big glazed pottery platters.

Whether the main dish is a tagine or couscous, it is placed in the center of the table and guests eat with their fingers. Learning how to pick up a small handful of couscous and roll into a ball using only one hand is an art in itself. Surrounding the platter are little earthenware dishes containing the various condiments that accentuate the meal.

Generally mint tea is served in a straight narrow glass.

If you’re invited to share a family meal, you’ll begin with a ritual hand washing with water from a ewer. The meal starts once the head of the house has intoned the “bismallah,” or praise to God. Eat with your right hand, try a little of everything, but don’t feel obliged to finish everything on your plate… it’s practically impossible!

After the meal, the diners wash their hands again, and even their faces, with orange flower water from a slender silver decanter.

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