A Little Glossary of Filipino Products
A Little Glossary of Filipino Products
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Alogbati - Malabar spinach
Ampalaya - Bitter Melon
Dahon ng sili - Chili pepper leaf
Gabi - Taro
Kabute - Mushroom
Kamote - Sweet potato
Kamoteng - Kahoy Cassava
Kangkong - Marsh cabbage or water spinach
Labanos - White radish or daikon
Labong - Bamboo shoot
Mung bean - Mung bean
Pechay - Bok choi
Puso ng Saging - Banana flower
Sigarilyas - Winged or green bean
Singkamas - Jicama or yam
Sitaw - Asparagus bean
Talong - Eggplant
Toge - Alfalfa
Ube - Purple yam
Upo - Winter melon


Bayabas - Guava
Balimbing - Star fruit
Chico - Sapodilla
Mangga - Mango
Papaya - Papaya
Saging - Banana
Sampalok - Tamarind
Tubo - Sugar cane

Spices and Condiments

Atsuete Achiote - Seeds of the annatto tree, mashed to a paste and used to give an orange color to meats, fish and sauces
Kinchay - Asian celery
Luya - Ginger
Murang sibuyas - Green onion
Sili - Chili
Tanglad - Lemon grass


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