Sydney Seafood School and Fish Market
Sydney Seafood School and Fish Market
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If you're a fish lover and happen to be in Sydney, you can't miss the Sydney Fish Market, a place like no other. An Australian economic hub, the vibrant and colourful Sydney Fish Market is the only market owned by fishermen. It's the place where the entire industry and consumers come together, where the biggest auction sale in the entire southern hemisphere takes place every morning: 1000 crates an hour as 65 tonnes of fresh fish heads out to restaurants and cities. Beginning at 5:30 a.m., fishermen from Australia, as well as from New Zealand, Singapore and the Pacific Islands gather here.

Later on, consumers and tourists are the ones disembarking. Here you can find local specialties such as local Balmain Bugs and Sydney Rock Oysters, mud crabs from the north, salmon from Tasmania, and so on. You can buy sashimi-grade sliced salmon or sample some barbequed shrimp or fried calamari right on site.

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Sydney Seafood School

But what I found most interesting and innovative was the cooking school that offers courses throughout the week on filleting and preparing all kinds of fish and seafood, given thematically. You can sign up for a two-hour evening class or a three-hour long course on Saturday. The classroom accommodates 66 people and is fitted with large mirrors that let you see the guest chef's every move. After the practical part, you move on to the cooking component itself, divided up between eight work stations. For a very reasonable price you'll be able to discover, learn and taste.

If you don't have time to take all the courses and you're in the midst of a kitchen emergency, you can always call the personalized telephone service for the answers to your questions at +61 2 9004 1122.

In the same building you'll find Doyle's Restaurant, the New South Wales Fisheries department, the Master Fish Merchants Association and Oceanwatch.

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Our thanks to the Sydney Seafood School for their valuable collaboration which has provided us with a better understanding of Australian fish and seafood and international ones

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Sydney Seafood School and Fish Market
Bank Street, Pyrmont - near Darling Harbour
Sydney, New South Wales
Phone: 61 2 9004 11119

To make a booking or request a full program of classes call 9004 1111 or visit

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