Flavors of Armenia
Flavors of Armenia
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A Culinary Tour Through Armenia

Situated between Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran, Armenia is a small country with a big history. Colorful and flavorful, Armernian cuisine is marked by its diversity and bears the influence of its neighbors, the Middle East, Greece and Iran. Here, dolmades are joined by yogurt and baklava, and cracked wheat, or bulgur, often takes the place of rice.

"Armenian cuisine is not just lavash (traditional bread) or khoravats (barbecue): there are many dishes you'll have never heard of if you haven't been to Armenia. The food is prepared not only with a lot of imagination, but also with a lot of soul. To experience that, you need only visit the restaurants of Erevan and other cities" - this is how National Geographic invites us to discover Armenian cooking.

While the American magazine offers a list of eight traditional dishes that you have to try in Armenia, we've found some other specialties that we'll be pleased to share with you in the near future. 


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