Flavors of Brazil
Flavors of Brazil
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A culinary journey to Brasil
Add some sizzle to your dinner with hot Brazilian recipes

The beaches of Rio, urban style of Sao Paolo, and jungle of the Amazon make Brazil one the hottest travel destinations.

Brazilian cuisine reflects the country’s varied geography, agriculture and ethnic heritage. The most popular Brazilian dishes have evolved from Portugese, African and Indian cuisine, adapted over time and given their own Carioca flare.

Bring some Brazilian sizzle into your home with an authentic Brazilian dinner that celebrates the best of this exotic country’s ethnically-diverse cuisine.

Flavors of Brazil 1

Refreshing cocktail made with lime and cachaça (can be substitute by vodka or white rum).

Hot Coco
This is a creamy and aromatic hot chocolate, and even if the proportions seem a bit strange to you, don't worry - they perfectly evoke warmer climes!

Hors d'oeuvres
Flavors of Brazil 2

Deep-fried cheese puffs. Great to eat by the ocean, for an appetizer, or with beer!

The Cod Croquettes
Called Bolinhos de bacalhau in Brazil, are also traditionally served as cocktail party finger food. They also make an excellent afternoon snack while watching the game.

Flavors of Brazil 3

Made with manioc

The Brazilian Chicken Pie
With olives and hearts of palm - a tasty, colourful entrée

Flavors of Brazil 4

The brazilian national dish made with black beans

Flavors of Brazil 5

Barbecue served with a spicy sauce made with bellpepper, tomato, onion, parsley, chili, lime and oil.

Flavors of Brazil 6

 Avocado mousse

Grandma Chiquinha’s Orange Cake
This moist, refreshing cake is the perfect conclusion to any hearty dinner. The cake is light-tasting and can be served on its own or garnished with powdered sugar and seasonal fresh fruit for a festive presentation.

Flavors of Brazil 7

A popular dessert made of egg yolk, sugar, and ground coconut. This is one of MANY egg yolk desserts you can find in Brazil.

Flavors of Brazil 8

Coconut truffles
Calded Beijinhos

Flavors of Brazil 9

A sweet made with condensed milk, chocolate powder, butter and chocolate bonbon.



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