Flavors of Germany
Flavors of Germany
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 In Germany, cabbage has become the national dish: it's paired with pork, bacon and sausages. When it comes to spices, it's cumin that tops the list.

Some dishes are found throughout the country: Wiener Schnitzel (breaded cutlets), Eisbein (salted pork hocks), Sauerbraten (beef in a sweet and sour brown sauce), Goulash (as stew or soup). 

Germany, region by region

Breakfast (Frühstück) – Germans like to begin their day with a hearty meal – forget about the “continental” breakfast! The table is set with plates of cold meats, cheeses and boiled eggs. Croissants are filled with all kinds of sliced sausage, hot meats (like Leberkäse), pickled herring, pickles, onions and cheese.

Lunch (Mittagessen) – This is a big meal that usually starts with soup, followed by a main course of meat or fish, always accompanied by salad (lettuce, cucumber or cabbage). However, there are also many fast food establishments, both in cities and along highways, where you can find traditional Bratwurst (grilled sausage) served with potato salad, to be washed down with a good beer.

Afternoon coffee breaks are an excuse for a piece of cake, perhaps Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake) or Käsekuchen (cheese cake). When accompanying these pastries, coffee is always served with cream (Kaffeesahne). Unless perhaps you prefer to go to a Weinstube and try some excellent German wines by the glass!

Dinner (Abendessen) – bears an odd resemblance to breakfast! It’s often a meal made up of assorted cold meats (Aufschnitt) and cheeses, accompanied by numerous kinds of breads.

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