Flavors of Monaco
Flavors of Monaco
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Monaco boasts a cuisine all its own: a flavourful fusion of southern French (especially Provençal and Niçoise) and Italian. The Mediterranean Sea also has a strong influence on Monaco’s palate, offering a variety of fish.

Tempting examples of Monégasque cuisine
Flavors of Monaco 1

A crisp, baked or fried puff pastry treat filled with Swiss chard, ricotta, leeks, garlic and herbs, usually served as an appetizer;

A small, sweet bread flavoured with oranges and decorated with nuts, raisins and anise can usually be found in the local bakeries;

Swiss Chard Pie
Two layers of pastry filled with a mixture of Swiss chard blette, parmesan cheese, parsley, eggs, onions, and rice;

Originally from Nice, the Monégasque version is a pie topped with onions, tomatoes and olives;

A thin pancake made from chick-pea flour and olive oil usually sold by street vendors and best eaten while hot;

A dish of dried cod, stewed in tomato sauce and flavored with black olives and small vegetables is a local delicacy;

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Truffle and Foie Gras Torte and Provençal-style Artichokes braised in wine with olive oil are other Monégasque favourites.

Flavors of Monaco 2

Le Pavé du Rocher, a confection of honeyed orange marzipan coated in chocolate, was created here to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reign of Prince Rainier III in 1974. You can taste it at Maison Mullot, the official suppliers to S.A.S. The Sovereign Prince of Monaco (see contact information below).


Photos : Maison Mullot since 1938
Boutiques : Centre Commercial (Shopping center) Fontvieille ; 22, avenue de la Costa ; 25, avenue Albert II.

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