Flavors of Singapore
Flavors of Singapore
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Singapore is a hot pot of cuisines to eat, incorporating a rich heritage of food dishes consisting of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian influences.

He are some specialities :

Chilli crab
Flavors of Singapore 1

Chilli crabs are usually eaten along with fried mantous (buns), which are dipped in the luscious chilli sauce. Well prepared crabs go through a 2 step cooking process, boiled first then fried so that the meat doesn’t stick to the shell.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Flavors of Singapore 2

The recipe for Hainanese Chicken Rice is adapted from early Chinese immigrants originally from the Hainan province in southern China. The dish is simple: bite-sized pieces of steamed or blanched white chicken, fragrant rice (often cooked in chicken broth with pandan leaves added), light or dark soy sauce, and a delicious ground chilli and ginger paste.

Flavors of Singapore 3

Laksa is a dish merged from Chinese and Malay elements otherwise known as Peranakan culture. There are 2 main types of laksa- curry laksa and asam laksa. Curry laksa is more predominant in Singapore, while assam laksa is found more in Malaysian regions like Penang Laksa. In fact there loads of variants of Laksas differing in fish type, broth and even noodles.

Traditional Singapore Curry Laksa uses vermicelli, coconut milk, tau pok (beancurd puffs), fish slices, shrimp and cockles (hum). Due to cost cutting or taste preference, some stalls might opt out of shrimp and cockles. A unique Singapore variant known as Katong Laksa has it’s vermicelli cut into short ends and is eaten only with a spoon. There is much debate on who is the original Katong Laksa.

Flavors of Singapore 4

Popiahs are like spring rolls. The round Popiah skin is a thin paper-like wheat crepe that rolls up all the ingredients. A sweet sauce called hoisin is lathered on the laid out flat skin there upon fillings are added. Ingredients within a Popiah typically include small prawns, boiled eggs, Chinese sausage, lettuce, bean sprouts and majority filled with cooked carrot and turnip strips.

Ais Kacang
Flavors of Singapore 5

A shaved ice mountain on top of a bowl of assorted ingredients like red bean, attap chee (palm seed), agar agar jelly, chendol, grass jelly or any other filling desired. Evaporated or condensed milk is then drizzled on the top along with red rose syrup and sarsi syrup to produce the multi-coloured effect. Variations may include drizzling with gula melaka, adding ice-cream or other novelty toppings like Durian or chocolate syrup.


- Popiah : Photo : Old Long House, Singapour
- Chicken Rice : Photo Shutterbox restaurant, Mandarin Hotel
- Laksa : Photo : Pak Li Kopitiam
- Chili Crab : Photo : Red House Seafood - 1 des 5 meilleurs restaurants de Singapour pour le Chili Crab

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