Flavors of Slovenia
Flavors of Slovenia
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A Culinary Journey

In the palette of national dishes there are many connected with the traditional festive slaughtering. Popular everyday dishes are made from cabbage, beans and potatoes. Every Slovenian region has its own various types of bread. There are also many flour-based dishes, among which those made from buckwheat – the cereal which gives grey flour, are a speciality. More than seventy variations of štruklji are widely spread across Slovenia. The most renowned is luxuriously filled prekmurska gibanica. Don’t forget to try the potica, a cake roll filled with walnuts, poppy seeds, raisins, various herbs, cottage cheese, honey or crackling. In Primorska, they will delight you with original fish dishes and delicacies made from local plants, vegetables and fruit (asparagus, artichokes, truffles), and of course pršut from Karst which is cured in the bora wind.

Alpine regions are also the home of cheese therefore you would be wise to ask for Mohant cheese that is usually served with the local meat speciality, "Savinjski želodec".

A special delight are the wines – from quality to top quality specialty wines, predicate wines and sparkling wines. On the coast you should try Teran, Rumeni Muškat, Malvazija in Rebula. The speciality of the Posavje Region is Cvicek, a Slovene wine with a light taste and low alcohol. Vine growing hills of the Podravje Region in the east boast excellent speciality wines such as Renski Rizling, Traminec, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Ranina and many other top quality wines.

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