Flavors of Sweden
Flavors of Sweden
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A Culinary Journey

Sweden is divided into five distinct regions. In the south, the land of castles, you'll find the hospitable city of Malmö and the wild, pastoral beauty of Scania, the province where the smiles are said to be widest and appetites biggest! This is the place to try Spettekaka, a cake baked on a spit.

The best way to discover western Sweden is to start at Göteborg, the country's second-largest city. Here you can sample delights from the sea of every kind.

"Norrland" occupies almost half of Sweden, though it is home to only about one-seventh of the population. Open spaces, pure air, crystal-clear waters and superb landscapes. Sundsvall is the largest city in Norrland with open air cafés and shops. It's also the home of fermented herring, a specialty beloved by locals but with an odor that usually puts off the uninitiated. Try it if you dare!

No fewer than 14 islands make up the city known as the "Venice of the North." Visit Stockholm to experience the culture and pleasures of a big city surrounded by water so clear that you can swim and fish right in the city center! In Hötorgshallen - the popular marketplace - why not try a Wasa sandwich with fried herring and a good local beer? You're in Sweden after all! Unless perhaps you'd prefer to head for the chic halls of Östermalmshallen to watch the beautiful people file by, as you enjoy a good shrimp and mayonnaise sandwich.

Most restaurants and inns post a "Dagens Rätt" or daily special between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., which includes a complete dish and beverage for a very reasonable set price. If you want to end your day "Swedish-style," knock back a shot of aquavit - there's nothing like it to warm you up on a cold winter's day!

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