Flavors of Ukraine
Flavors of Ukraine
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Some Specialities
    Borshch - Beet Soup
    This hearty soup traditionally prepared from beets and cabbage and served with a dollop of sour cream is a most popular first course. There are no less than 40 varieties of hot and cold borshch, depending on the vegetables and or meat in them, even some that don't have any beets at all. All borscht recipes are slowly simmered for maximum flavor. Tiny garlic buns are often served with it.

    Kutya is a symbol of fertility and abundance on Ukrainian table. It is usually made on Easter and Christmas. It is made from different grains, nuts and fruits.

    Varenyky (Perogies) - Dumplings

    These are boiled or fried triangular dumplings. The fillings vary tremendously: potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, cabbage, and meat are just as common as, in the summer time, cherries, plums and berries. All varieties are served with either melted butter or sour cream.

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