Flavors of Venetia
Flavors of Venetia
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Flavors of Italy


A Culinary Journey through Venetia

This is a land of romance, the region of Venice, Verona and Padua, where pasta gives way to rice. Along with Emilia, it's an area renowned for its charcuterie products, such as San Daniele ham. You'll find fish, peas, liver Venetian-style, dried Vicenza cod (stockfish)... all washed down with famous Valpolicella, Soave and Bianco di Custoza wines. 

Cheese course

  • Pressato - a traditional hard cow's milk cheese 
  • Ubriaco - a hard cow's milk farmhouse cheese, it's a "drunken" cheese because it's immersed for 6-10 months in a vat of red wine and marc

This is where Tiramisu was invented, a delicious concoction of ladyfingers, strong coffee and mascarpone that has traveled far beyond Venetia's borders to become a classic of the Italian dessert menu. 

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