Flavors of Fribourg
Flavors of Fribourg
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Flavors of Switzerland > A taste of Fribourg

When a whole region remains behind the stage curtains to let the name of a cheese shine in the limelights, that's proof of the importance that it gives to the art of good eating.

Gruyere AOC
Flavors of Fribourg 1

All over the world Gruyère AOC is appreciated for its unique flavour. This popular cheese has been made for centuries in the countryside around the village of Gruyères, and today is still produced in the traditional way in the villages or in mountain cheese dairies.

Vacherin AOC
Flavors of Fribourg 2

A fairly hard cheese, it melts in the mouth according to how mature it is and will not be overlooked on any cheese platter. It is used in "moitié-moitié" fondue or vacherin fondue.

Gruyere double cream
Flavors of Fribourg 3

Thick cream skimmed off milk. Its aroma, its delicacy and its creaminess make it one of the region's specialities. Usually tasted with meringue or various berries.

Flavors of Fribourg 4

A pastry made of sugar and egg white. Usually tasted with La Gruyère double cream.

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