Martinique Food Glossary
Martinique Food Glossary
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Martinique Food Glossary 1

Acras – little fritters made with fish, salt cod, seafood or vegetables

Martinique Food Glossary 2

Blaff - fish poached in an aromatic broth containing chilies, onion and spices

Blanc-Mange - A coconut and milk-based dessert, flavored with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg

Bois Lélé : pronged wooden swizzle stick usually plucked from a tree native to Martinique to mix rum punch

Martinique Food Glossary 3

Cabri - Baby Goat cooked in a spicy sauce; a recipe of Indian origin

Crabe farci / Stuffed crab – a spicy crabmeat filling cooked in the shell

Court-Bouillon - A liquid for cooking fish made with tomatoes and local spices

Martinique Food Glossary 4
Martinique Food Glossary 5

Feroce - Avocado and Cod Purée made with avocados, cod, cassava flour and chilies. Spicy avocado and cod purée


Matoutou - A savory dish made with crab and numerous spices, including curry and chilies. It is traditionally eaten on Easter Monday and Pentecost, the period when the crab’s shell is hardest. Usually families prepare the dish on the beach, under the palm trees.

Migan - breadfruit purée with salted pork


Ouassous - big crawfish


“Pâté en pot” – a soup made with lamb offal, vegetables, capers and white wine


Shrubb - Christmas liquor made with white rum, orange zest, sugar cane and vanilla bean.

Sorbets - Made from tropical fruits such as mango, soursop or passion fruit


Ti-Punch - cocktail with rum, sugar cane syrup and lime

Martinique Food Glossary 6

Thanks to chef Guy Ferdinand from restaurant Petibonum in Martinique

And the Comité martiniquais du tourisme / Martinique Tourism Board

Photos : top page + colombo - CMT


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