Girolle Cheese Slicer
Girolle Cheese Slicer

A must for lovers of specialty cheeses such as "Tête de Moine," which is delicious but not easy to cut for a cheese tasting! This accessory allows you to obtain delicate thin petals of cheese to add to salads, cheese plates or sandwiches, in sophisticated gourmet style!


  • Cut the top off the cheese about 5 cm (2") from the top and retain this "lid" for later. Note: it's not necessary to remove the rind of the cheese; it will be taken off as the cheese is cut.
  • Spear the Tête de Moine cheese onto the central rod, being careful to centre it perfectly on the wooden platter.
  • Then place the knife on the central rod and turn it gently to scrape the surface. Result: fine shavings of Tête de Moine!

Our tip: if you have cheese left over, leave it on the platter. Simply remove the knife and replace the "lid" to keep the cheese from drying out.


Photo : La Redoute.

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