4-in-1 Rice cooker / Steamer
4-in-1 Rice cooker / Steamer

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Hats off to the designers of appliances that perform multiple functions! After all, what kitchen couldn't benefit from more efficient use of limited space?

What makes rice in the best Asian restaurants so exquisite, never moist, never sticky and irresistibly delicious? The secret is steaming. And KRUPS have discovered a way to do it at home, with the 4-in-1 Rice Cooker, which provides restaurant results without complicated bamboo baskets, hassles or disasters.

Classic functions

  • Rice - Make from 2 to 10 cups in the non-stick bowl with an airtight lid that keeps steam and flavour in and cooks rice to perfection.
  • Oatmeal - rediscover the taste and nutritional value of real oatmeal. The quantity of liquid and the cooking time adjust automatically while you enjoy your morning coffee.
  • Slow Cooking - it lets you simmer dishes for up to 9 hours, like hearthy soups, stews, chili, etc. Toss in the ingredients in the morning and dinner will be ready when you come home in the evening.
  • Steamer - The 4-in-1 Rice Cooker also has a removable non-stick basket and a programmable electronic control panel for steam cooking. This is unquestionably the function used most often in Gourmetpedia's kitchens. To obtain moist, perfectly-cooked salmon, delicious stuffed sole rolls, or flawless vegetables bursting with nutrients, nothing matches the steam cooker. Everything cooks in record time and Asian cooking becomes a snap!
  • Keep-warm mode - keep rice, oatmeal, stew or vegetables at the optimal temperature without altering their texture — perfect for families on the go that can’t always eat together.

The Krups 4-in-1 Rice Cooker is not another kitchen gadget that will sit at the back of your cupboard. Its multiple functions make it an appliance that you’ll use every week ... if not every day! Ty it!

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