News - February 5th - World Nutella Day
News - February 5th - World Nutella Day

News - February 5th - About World Nutella Day
In 2007 Italo-American blogger, Sara Rosso, created World Nutella Day, as a way for fans around the world to share their passion for the hazelnut spread. Now in its13th year, World Nutella Day has become a global phenomenon, with fans everywhere sharing their love for Nutella.

Italian Nutella, proudly made in Canada
During World Nutella Day, Canadians realized that their morning spread was Italian but also Canadian.

Nutella has been sold in Canada since 1968, delighting Canadians for over half a century. Since 2006, every jar of Nutella sold in Canada is made at Ferrero’s Brantford, Ontario plant. If you appreciate numbers, she produces 150kg of Nutella each minute and approximately 1,000 tons of Nutella each week.

In 2014, Ferrero has adapted to the market and introduces Nutella & Go, a travel-friendly innovation combining Nutella with breadsticks and/or pretzels for dipping.

Wherever possible, Ferrero Canada supports local industries and sources key ingredients like flour, skim milk, sugar, breadsticks etc. to meet production needs.

Still Italian but proudly made in Canada

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