Did you know that a Caesar salad can contain more calories than a small hamburger?
Did you know that a Caesar salad can contain more calories than a small hamburger?

Did you know that a Caesar salad can contain more calories than a small hamburger?

Many people who think they are eating carefully may be in for a surprise, due to a few common misconceptions. Just for fun, try this little test and find out if you're up on your food and fitness facts.

True or False?
  1. A small banana contains fewer calories than a cup (250 ml) of apple juice.
  2. Brown rice is less fattening than white rice.
  3. To get the same amount of calcium contained in one cup (250 ml) of milk, you would have to eat 9 cups of strawberries.
  4. Breakfast should provide us with 10% of our daily caloric intake.
  5. A cup (250 ml) of cooked spinach provides more iron than one serving (6 oz.) of beef.
  6. Half an avocado contains as many calories as 4 teaspoons (20 ml) of butter.
  7. Pretzels are the snacks lowest in fat.
  8. Whole-grain bread is less fattening than spaghetti.
  9. Eating raw or cooked carrots is exactly the same.
  10. They say fish is good for you and low in calories, so I can add a small can of tuna to my salad.
  11. Chicken is a better diet choice than beef.
  1. TRUE: 85 calories (banana) compared to 125 (apple juice).
  2. FALSE: 1 cup of white rice = 200 calores; 1 cup of brown rice = 270 calories
  3. TRUE.
  4. FALSE: 25%.
  5. TRUE: 6.8 mg of iron in the spinach compared to 5.8 mg in the beef.
  6. TRUE.
  7. TRUE: Half the fat of potato chips and ten times less fat than peanuts (whether dry roasted or roasted in oil.)
  8. FALSE: 100 g of pasta contains 118 calories, while 100 g whole-grain bread contains 234. You can use spaghetti as a side dish instead of serving it as a main course.
  9. FALSE: Carrots drop from 42 calories per 100 g to 32 calories when they are boiled or steamed.
  10. FALSE: Tuna doesn't fit into the fish category when it comes to calories; it's better to add a small can of crab (103 calories) or 100 g of shrimp instead of fresh tuna (225 calories), and particularly tuna in oil (280 calories).
  11. TRUE: unless you're eating extra-lean (5%) beef. Chicken contains 150 calories per 100 g, compared to 129 calories for 100 g of lean (5%) beef, though 10% fat beef jumps to 171 calories. Fowl - guinea fowl, pigeon, partridge - are the lowest calorie "meat" choices.
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