All About Italian olive oil
In Italy each year the world's great olive oil producers meet in the picturesque town of Spoleto in Umbria, in central Italy, to identify the best Italian olive oils in three categories, based on the fruitiness of the oil (light, medium or high).

very green and slightly acrid, a veritable fruit juice, this oil wins the honors in the first category every year. 

Central Italy 
oils produced in the regions of Lazio, Abruzzo and Marches, as well as Umbria and Tuscany, take the prizes in the second category with their moderate fruitiness. 

Northern Italy 
particularly from the groves bordering the lakes of Lombardy and Liguria, these oils have a light fruity taste that places them at the top of the third category. 

Sardinia and Sicily 
Some oils produced on these sunny islands are excellent and are categorized in the full-bodied category. 

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