Clementine's characteristic aroma come from?
Clementine's characteristic aroma come from?

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Dense and juicy, the clementine is as sweet as a sour candy
The clementine's characteristic aroma is due mostly to the presence of essential oils and essences contained in little "pouches" in the skin. By just pressing the skin lightly you release these highly aromatic substances into the air.

The clementine's numerous aromatic components are of various chemical natures, made up of complex combinations including a high terpene content (limonenes: C 10 H 16), aldebydes (citral: C 10 H 160), esters, beterosides (naringins, citroflavonoids, bespersoids), which contribute to the clementine's characteristc flavor and aroma.


Collaboration: Cannetti Conseil. Photo: Julie Méchali. Stylist:: Isabelle Guerre

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