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Talking over artichoke with Anne-Sophie Pic
Talking over artichoke with Anne-Sophie Pic
Anne Pic, Pic, France
Anne Pic, Pic, France

All about artichoke > Bring some sunshine to your table with artichokes says Anne-Sophie Pic

 Many of us have fond childhood memories of an artichoke purée, or of pulling the leaves from a Camus artichoke, dipping them in vinaigrette and nibbling on them one by one!

For many people, artichokes are a common sight on the family dining table - they are easy to prepare, delicious and, what's more, good for you.

The artichoke originally came from Sicily and was brought to France by Catherine de Medici. However that is not the only reason the artichoke is such a noble vegetable.
In fact, what makes the artichoke so exceptional is above all its elegant, sophisticated flavour, reminiscent of freshly-cut hay, with a touch of sweetness and its delicate and refined texture.

Each variety is suited to particular ways of preparation. However, I have to admit to a clear preference for the poivrade (small purple) artichoke, which certainly requires more patience (since it is small and eaten quickly!) but because of its refined flavour is a perfect accompaniment to southern French dishes.

All I need do now is to wish you "bon appétit!" and to encourage you to bring some sunshine to your table with the artichoke, a vegetable like no other.

Mélange of Lobster and Artichokes with Fresh Walnuts and Foie Gras Caramelized in Quince Jelly

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