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From yesterday…
In the Middle Ages, crushed cabbage leaves and clay were mixed by hand and applied to the body to ease the pain of rheumatism. In those days, joints were often affected by the humidity that, beginning with the first fall days, penetrated the humblest cottage to the grandest château, where the immense rooms were inadequately heated and where corridors were chillingly cold gulfs.

How many times - even until very recently - would a mother boil a cabbage leaf and apply it, while still very hot, to her daughter's abdomen when she had a stomach ache.

To today…


    The Canadian Cancer Society recommends eating cabbage on a regular basis since its high carotene content lessens the risk of cancer. The sulphur and histidine contained in cabbage reduce the growth of tumours, and detoxify and strengthen the immune system.

Anti-depressive and aperitive

    The Romans said that cabbage chased away melancholy. Rich in vitamins and minerals, cabbage supplies the elements needed to battle the rigours of winter when our body's defenses tend to be weaker. Cabbage prepares the stomach for libations and heavy meals.




    for cuts and minor injuries; you need only crush a raw cabbage leaf in a mortar and use it as a poultice on the affected area

    to treat stings, press a few leaves with a hot iron to soften them. Coat one side with olive oil and apply to the affected area.


    reduces the "bad" cholesterol that hardens arteries

Laxative and weight-reducer

    5 cups of cooked or raw cabbage twice a week stabilizes the functioning of the colon and regularizes the intestines while eliminating our body's excess water

Reduces the burning sensation of ulcers

    125 ml (1/2 cup) raw cabbage juice, taken morning and evening, is a great antacid to fight stomach ulcers


    opera singers, obsessed with the purity of their bronchial tubes, advocate cabbage to clear the voice, using the following recipe:
    • boil a cabbage for one hour;
    • remove a large glass of very hot cooking water;
    • add a pinch of salt ;
    • add a beaten egg yolk and drink immediately



N.B.: MSComm has gathered this information from preventative and natural medicine and from the popular traditions of various countries for your information and enjoyment, but MSComm declines all responsibility as to its use and does not intend that it be used as a substitute for conventional medicine. 


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