In winter, add some color to your plates
In winter, add some color to your plates

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In winter, add some color to your plates

 In November, cooks have luck on their side. Even the most exotic whims are possible with the arrival of Chinese cabbage. It's easily recognizable by its long slender shape. Its slightly piquant flavor enhances any vegetable dish. Serve it raw or cooked, in salads, braised, Indonesian-style or sautéed with ginger and soy sauce.

December brings the holiday season, perfect for featuring mini red or green cabbages and mini cauliflower. Tiny and wonderfully decorative, they weigh less than 100 g (3 1/2 oz.) each. Designed to be an individual portion, they're ready to use: to each his cabbage! These little vegetables offer big flavors.

When it's cold outside, head cabbages and cauliflower blossom in a warm kitchen. Hurray for fresh vegetables!

January's the perfect time for red and green cabbages.
Grated or thinly sliced, raw or cooked, with 2 tbsp. vinegar, raisins and a sprinkling of cumin seed, they make a tasty and very low-cal side dish for meat. And what could be more satisfying than a good green cabbage soup to revitalize the body after the holidays! And think about using the leaves: once they've been blanched you can stuff them or make them into "beggar's purses" according to your whim… perfect for a surprise dinner!

February brings the white season, so why not rediscover cauliflower in a creamy soup or gratinéed in the oven. Topped with a nice béchamel or cheese sauce, it's a perfect dish for a cold day! And if you need to warm up quickly, consider microwavable cauliflower. In only 10 minutes, it's ready to serve.

March weather can be unsettled, cloudy or sunny, cold or mild, but cabbages adapt to any situation. For braised meat and cabbage dishes or mixed vegetable recipes, choose head cabbage or cauliflower. Or if you feel like slaw, thinly slice some red cabbage. Add finely diced apple, pine nuts and raisins and dress with a little hot vinegar. A warm-cold salad to match the weather!

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