Sommelier's corner - Which wine to pair with camembert
Sommelier's corner - Which wine to pair with camembert

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We suggest:

- Medium dry cider
- Apple or pear juice for kids

White wines
- Champagne brut, sparkling Vouvray, Gewurstraminer and Riesling d'Alsace, Arbois blanc, Beaujolais blanc

Red wines
- We do not recommand red wine. A metallic taste can indeed develop with very tannic wines. For fans of red wine. prefer wines with low tannic potential such as Loire Valley wines (Chinon, Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil ...) some wines from Beaujolais, Bordeaux or the Rhone valley, some Pinot Noir from Alsace or Champagne.

- Pale Ale or Amber beer if the cheese is ripened

- A japanese green tea


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