From the market to the table
From the market to the table

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Choose firm carrots with no softness or blemishes. The tops should form a bushy tuft.
New or dwarf carrots are crunchier and more attractive on the plate. They only have to be brushed before being eaten raw or cooked.
Did you know that the oranger the carrot, the higher its carotene content?
Yellow carrots are sweeter and more tender.

If you see carrots in the market with rounded ends, these are the “Nantaise” variety. Sweeter and more tender and flavorful, they have the added benefit of having a much smaller core. The pointier the end of the carrot, the faster it tends to soften and deteriorate.


Keep carrots in a perforated plastic bag in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator. For longer storage, keep them in sand or in a dry cool place. Cut off the tops as necessary. Young carrots will keep for up to two weeks, regular carrots for about a month.

They can be frozen after being blanched first for 5 minutes.


If the carrot has a green area near the stem, cut this part off: it has been exposed to the sun and may be bitter, except in very small carrots.
Avoid grating carrots too far in advance: they lose their vitamins in contact with air.


Carrots lend themselves to every cooking method: steaming, boiling, braising, sautéeing. They should have a tender center without being overcooked.


With raisins
Steam the carrots. Sauté them in a skillet with butter, pearl onions, raisins, salt, pepper, thyme and cayenne.

Glazed or “Vichy-style”
Steam the carrots or cook them in boiling water. Continue cooking in butter with a tablespoonful each of sugar and brandy.

In salad
Combine grated carrots in a salad with skinless orange sections, oil, a pinch of sugar and a few drops of orange flower water.

Confit carrots to accompany cold meats or pâté
Grate the carrots; place them in a saucepan with some grated orange zest. Add 125 ml (1/2 cup) white or brown sugar for each 250 ml (1 cup) water; let simmer until the water has completely evaporated.

Carrot-steamed shrimp
Cut some carrots into thin julienne strips; cook in butter with parsley, chives and cumin. Once they are tender, place some shrimps on top and cook the shrimps in the steam from the carrots for several minutes; serve immediately on a bed of carrots.

Quick measure

1 small carrot - 50 g / 1,7 oz
1 medium carrot - 61 g / 2 oz
1 large carrot - 72 g / 2 1/2 oz
1 cup / 250 ml grated - 110 g 3,8 oz
1 cup / 250 ml strips or slices - 122 g / 4 oz
1 slice - 3 g / 1 oz

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