How to serve caviar
How to serve caviar

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Hors d'oeuvre, mise en bouche or first course: all occasions to offer your guests an absolutely exceptional product. The golden rule for serving caviar is simplicity. Avoid garnishes and opt for accompaniments that will enhance its flavors:

- warm blini, lightly toasted white bread, potatoes

- rice (caviar sushi), deviled eggs, avocados

To enjoy caviar on its own, it's best to serve several different types, in order to compare and enjoy with guests, thus giving the caviar room to shine, not only at the table, but around. Even when sampling Eggxiting beside the pool, caviar is an exceptional product that requires special care and attention.

What should I drink with caviar? Rinse the palate with a dry alcohol, preferably vodka or a dry white wine (a white Bordeaux, Côtes de Blayes) or champagne. Then let the caviar fill your mouth with its unsurpassed flavors and texture.

Knowing how to serve caviar, and how to serve oneself, are marks of savoir-vivre. Leave the caviar in its tin, opened just before serving, and place on shaved ice. If you prefer not to use the tin, it is essential to place the caviar into a porcelain or glass container: avoid all contact with metal! Guests serve themselves delicately from the tin using a little mother-of-pearl spoon (no spoons or forks). 

Don't add lemon, caper, eggs or cornichons - caviar will not accept anything that is metallic or acidic, and its flavor can change at the least provocation.

For a good tasting, allow up to 100 g per person, divided among two or three kinds of caviar - though there is no shame in providing a mise en bouche of 30 g divided among two or three people!

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