Medicinal Properties
Cherry - Medicinal Properties

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Cherry stems have long been recognized as having diuretic properties and they are found in prescriptions dating back to the Middle Ages. They contain malic and tartaric acids.

Cherry bark infusions were used to treat colds and flu, while the fruit and juice were considered to be an effective remedy for gout, aches and arthritis. Modern research has shown that cherries actually do contain natural anti-inflammatory agents.


To today…


    cherry stems have the effect of increasing urine output




Recipe - Infusion
An infusion of cherry stems is an old remedy that has a mild and progressive effect.

  1. boil 1 litre (4 cups) of water with a big handful of cherry stems for 10 minutes;
  2. remove from the heat and infuse for 6 minutes; strain;
  3. to improve the bitter medicinal taste of this drink, add a few drops of raspberry or black currant syrup or pour it over a cinnamon stick, some apple wedges or prunes
  4. take one cup (250 ml) after meals


N.B. MSComm has gathered this information from preventative and natural medicine and from the popular traditions of various countries for your information and enjoyment, but MSComm declines all responsibility as to its use and does not intend that it be used as a substitute for conventional medicine.
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