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Corn and butter
Matches made in heaven…




Anyway you cook it, fresh corn and butter are perfect party fare

Remove the husks and the silk and place cobs of corn in boiling water for 5-6 minutes.


Keep the corn wrapped either in its husk or in aluminum foil, and place it directly in hot coals or the embers of a campfire for 15-20 minutes. For convenience, corn can also be roasted in a 350ºF (180ºC) oven on a baking sheet for about 30 minutes.


Corn grilled on the BBQ is tender and delicious!


Quick and tasty for the corn-lover with a busy schedule! For those of us who learned to cook using an oven and stovetop, a microwave is only good for heating up certain liquids and dishes in sauce! However, I admit that the microwave is unequalled for cooking corn because it retains all the kernels' flavour while making them nice and tender. All you have to do is remove the largest outer leaves, without uncovering the kernels; allow 3 minutes per ear on high power…. that's it!

Ears of corn can be steamed (ideal for preserving their flavour and nutritional properties. See microwaved.

When sautéing corn kernels in butter, a little minced onion is a tasty addition

To soak or not to soak?
When grilling, roasting and micro waving corn, some corn connoisseurs swear by pre-soaking the cobs in their husks. Others skip the soaking, but peel back the husks and brush some butter on the cobs before cooking. No mather soaking or buttering, the important point is to create humidity so to keep corn moist and tender.


How do I butter thee? Let me count the ways…

Kids love to roll their steaming cob of corn on a block of cold, fresh butter. The butter coats the cob and melts a cob-shaped curve right into the block.

Softened butter melts right onto the cob. To soften butter, cut the amount you require into small pieces. Put the butter on a plate over a bowl of hot water, or beat the butter with an electric mixture.

Some corn lovers prefer to dip hot corn on the cob into melted butter. Melt butter in a double boiler so it doesn't burn, and then put it in a tall container for easy dipping.

Before Cooking
When grilling or roasting corn, peel back the husks, spread a little butter onto the corn and then re-wrap with the husks. This adds moisture and flavour during the cooking process.


Butter can be flavoured with herbs and spices to jazz up classic corn on the cob. Some ideas: garlic, tarragon, dill, chili powder, limejuice, or honey.



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