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Having been used to flavour beer and some varieties of German schapps - not to mention gin, of course - juniper is also found in various meat and charcuterie preparations, though it too often remains a neglected flavouring.

Nutritional Values
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • and minerals: sulfur, copper and cobalt
  • with traces of iron and aluminum

Fresh (has more flavour), or dried


keep in a cool dry place, away from direct light


Crush the berries to bring out their flavour.


Juniper berries can't be eaten raw because they're too bitter, but they're good for flavouring dishes that will be slow-cooked in the oven or on the stovetop;

The flavour is pronounced, so use in small quantities.


With its antiseptic properties, juniper is ideal for using in marinades, and therefore has long been paired with game. It gives a pleasant taste to pâtés and stuffings and enriches the flavour of cooked beef or pork dishes. Germans add to it sauerkraut.

And since juniper is so good in marinades, it marries well with garlic, thyme and even fennel.

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