All about cumin > Cultivation

  • Origin: Mediterranean / India
  • Climate : Mediterranean
  • Cultivation: Annual
  • Height: 30cm

Cumin plant care requires a long, hot summer of about three to four months with a temp of around 85°F / 29°C during the day. Cumin is sown in the spring from seed in rows 2 feet apart in fertile, well draining soil or, in cooler climates, start seed indoors four weeks prior to the last spring frost. Sow shallowly, about ¼-inch below the soil surface. Keep the seeds moist during germination. Transplant outdoors when temperatures routinely exceed 60°F / 16°C or higher.


Cumin seed is harvested by hand after the bloom of the small white or pink flowers. Seeds are harvested when they brown — about 120 days – and are then dried and ground. The strong aroma and distinct flavor of cumin is due to its essential oils. Like all herbs, it is at its height in the morning and should be harvested at that time.

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