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Dill is to Scandinavian cooking what basil is to Italian.
Scandinavians have adopted it as their national spice. They sprinkle it onto canapés, and have even perfected a liquor with a hint of dill, to be drunk with their famous gravlax: Aquavit. In Scandinavia dill is inseparable from marinated fish: trout, herring and salmon could not do without it. It flavors potatoes and court bouillon and grows up wild in these northern countries. The crushed seeds are used in breads and pastries. From May onwards, it is found in every market.

In Central and Eastern Europe
A touch of dill is traditional. The seeds are found in breads, stews, Hungarian sauerkraut, Romanian stuffed vine leaves, Dutch frikkadel and Yugoslav vadin buto.

Dill flavors mustard, a superb blend of mustard seeds, wine vinegar, honey, dill and cinnamon

Dill is used to flavor spinach, other leafy vegetables and dhansak. Sindhs make a spinach dish known as sai bhaji as well as dill-scented rice.



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