From the market to your plate > How to buy: Fresh, in powder, pureed..
From the market to your plate > How to buy: Fresh, in powder, pureed..

All about Espelette Pepper > How to buy

Fresh, in powder, pureed...

These days many companies sell Espelette chili in various forms, beginning with ground Espelette chili. Made with mild red chili from the Basque country, vegetables and spices, the blend mitigates the heat of the Espelette chili, highlighting instead its flavor and aroma.

As a purée

For an aromatic sauce with a strong flavor


When ripe, once it has turned red and spicy, it is dried and ground. It is the result of a slow drying of the chilies, followed by a brief stint in the oven to complete their dehydration before the final grinding. It can then be used in place of black pepper to give an invigorating kick to various recipes without altering their flavor. Can be used in place of any chili powder, or even mustard, on grilled meats or in sauces, as well as in pasta, rice or potato dishes, or in eggs, sandwiches or salad dressings.

Garnish the borders of plates with Espelette pepper when serving hot or cold meats, fish or roasts.

In Basque country, it's common to make mayonnaise, replacing the mustard with chili purée: here it's called "Bayonnaise." Can be used with crème fraîche, fresh white cheese and even yogurt, when deglazing or making hot sauces.



For a spicy, flavorful sauce. This method is less hot than a simple purée of Espelette chili. It can be used as a spicy mayonnaise with crudités, fish, hot or cold meat or on toasted bread, or to give flavor and color to pasta.

In brine

Whole Espelette chilies and mild Basque peppers are prepared in brine

In vinegar

For young Espelette chilies


Photo: Espelette powder - Maison Arosteguy

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