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Fishing for a healthier diet?
Fishing for a healthier diet?
Jacques Le Divellec, anc. chef propriétaire Le Divellec, Paris, France
Jacques Le Divellec, anc. chef propriétaire Le Divellec, Paris, France

Fishing for a healthier diet? Bring the ocean to your plate!


Around France alone there are 300 edible species, 700 from coast to coast in USA and we eat only about 20 of them. From elver to whale, there's an entire world to discover. And with fish, it's a whole infinite universe - the range, the subtlety are amazing! With fish, you always have to be authentic: fish doesn't allow for mediocrity.

We will present an overview of all the riches that the ocean offers us, with an examination of Fish & seafood's respective dietetic properties. We'll become familiar with these products and discover light but delicious ways to prepare them.

In short, if you're looking for thin lines, let's go fishing


Fish, figure, fitness… Everyone is fishing for answers, grabbing hold of whatever looks like it may work - especially the least restrictive options. Nature, however, has given us a food whose dietetic virtues are unanimously praised by nutritionists: FISH.

Seafood products can be categorized in four groups


  • mollusks
  • crustaceans
  • other products from the sea (animals, fish roe, aquatic plants, seaweed)

Table of food chemical composition

  • lean fish
  • semi-fatty fish
  • fatty fish

Cooking methods

  • baked/roasted
  • poached
  • steamed
  • pan-cooked
  • grilled
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