Green tea, the fat burner
Green tea, the fat burner

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We might as well accept it - there's no miracle weight-loss pill! However some plants can play an important part in a reduced-calorie diet, especially when combined with physical exercise.
Plants alone won't make us thinner unless they're part of a healthy lifestyle, but they are important allies in fighting water retention, helping eliminate waste from the body and stimulating fat burning. They're easy to use and will help you get back the shape you want.

Green tea is unquestionably top on the list because it has the power to promote lipolysis, in other words, a reduction in the fat stored in adipose cells. Camelia sinensis is the ancestor of every tea. Between green tea, black tea, semi-fermented tea, white, smoked and scented teas, there are about 3000 varieties around the world. But of all of them, it's green tea, or virgin tea, that enjoys the highest reputation. Prepared from the first leaves on the branches and from unopened buds, it undergoes no transformation or fermentation, preserving the active substances intact.

The "fat burner"
Endowed with diuretic and slimming qualities, green tea is a draining plant that promotes renal water elimination.

Green tea has a lipolytic function that allows it to eliminate fats that are uselessly stocked by the body. Consequently it promotes weight loss in conditions of excess weight, either generalized (obesity) or localized (cellulite).

It reduces the assimilation of carbohydrates and fats and their retention in the form of fatty deposits.

Green tea has a stimulant effect that fights the fatigue that often accompanies dieting. To feel all its benefits, you should drink between 1 and 3 cups of green tea infusion daily; you'll feel its invigorating effect from the first cup. This anti-fatigue action occurs at the level of the nerve centers and promotes psychic activity. The stimulant effect of theine lasts much longer than that of caffeine.

For maximum effectiveness
It's recommended that you drink lots of fresh water to drain the body: at least 1.5 liters (6 cups) per day. Drinking a lot when you're dieting is essential to eliminate toxins. Replace water with green tea. You can drink it hot or iced. Just be aware that although its theine content helps overcome the tiredness resulting from a reduced calorie intake, it can also keep you from sleeping. To reduce the stimulant effect, increase the infusion time so that the tannins are more thoroughly diffused. You can change the taste by adding a few peppermint leaves or a few caraway or anise seeds.

In an infusion: 1 tsp. per cup: infuse for 5 minutes. Drink all you want. Composition per 100 g green tea

Vitamin C: 300 mg. Vitamin E: 100 mg. Vitamin B: 11 mg. Provitamin A: 15 mg. Polyphenol: 35%. Chlorophyll: 1 %. Theine (caffeine): 3 %.

Helps fight aging
Green tea is also recognized for its powerful anti-oxidant properties due to its content in polyphenols and flavenoids that fight free radicals, the main cause of aging. It contains more anti-oxidants than most fruits and vegetables

- for example, 2 cups of green tea are equivalent to 7 glasses of fresh orange juice!

So go English and adopt a daily tea time! There's beauty in the bottom of your cup!

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