Specialties from around the world
Specialties from around the world
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Italy's famous "gelati" are made with milk or cream. Often some "strega" is added, a liqueur that delicately flavors the ice cream. Another specialty is cappuccino ice cream, combining the flavors of coffee, cream and chocolate. Spain and Italy are renowned for their lemon and orange granitas.

In the US, smooth rich ice creams are popular and are often enriched with little treats such as cookies, pecans or pieces of caramel…

Iran and Turkey
Sorbets with a thousand and one flavors, often spice-based (such as cinnamon or cloves), are prized.

In Japan, delicious syrup and tea-flavored ices are the most popular.

In India it is mango ice cream and the famous "kulfi" made from reduced buffalo milk that are encountered most frequently.

Other Asian countries
Preference is given to ice cream flavored with mint, cardamom (a peppery spice) or lemon grass.

Most of these ice creams can be found in France, as well as all the popular flavors (led by vanilla, the favorite of the French), and mixtures combining fruit and alcohol such as peach and Sauternes, apple and calvados, or prune and armagnac ice creams. Classic sorbets (strawberry, pear, apple, lemon) exist side by side with more exotic flavors like thyme, lime blossom, melon, chamomile and anise.

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