A little history > The legend of the blue-eyed fairy
A little history > The legend of the blue-eyed fairy

 All about lavender > The legend of the blue-eyed fairy

The fabulous stories that are dear to us are naturally passed down by word of mouth from one generation to another. The legend of Lavandula holds a special place in the hearts of the Provençal people: 

A blond-haired, blue-eyed fairy, called Lavandula, is said to have been born in the middle of the wild lavender of the Lure mountain. The years passed and eventually she wished to settle down. Not knowing where she would go, she decided to flip through her book of landscapes to make an enlightened choice. Her eye fixed upon a page showing the uncultivated lands of Provence. Moved by the sadness of the panorama, the fairy began to cry. Falling on the book, her lavender-colored tears stained the page blue. In the hope of repairing her blunder, Lavandula tried vainly to dry her blue eyes and wipe the page, but her actions had the opposite effect. The droplets spread over the landscape of Provence. In despair, the fairy drew a big piece of blue sky above the stained soil to hide her mistake.

Since that time, lavender has grown happily in the fields of Provence and the young blonds of the region seem to have a lavender blue sparkle in the their eyes, particularly when faced with the spectacle of the blue sky falling on the lavender fields in the late day. 

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