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From the market to your table

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Look for firm fruit that feels heavy in the hand; the skin should be yellow or bright green and slightly lustrous (when older, lemons are duller or darker in color).
Avoid any with green patches (for lemons), a sign of a higher acidity.
Avoid lemons with bumpy skins, which indicate a thick skin and less pulp, except, with Menton lemons.


Keep in a cool place or in the refrigerator crisper.


If you want to use the juice from a lemon, roll it on the countertop, applying firm pressure for a few seconds. You’ll break up the interior fibers and obtain more juice.

Cut the lemon in half; place a half in a piece of cheesecloth and squeeze – that way you’ll get just the juice without the seeds.


It’s impossible to list all lemon’s pairings: it’s on intimate terms with just about everything edible!

  • It’s a must with fish, veal blanquette or Wienerschnitzel.
  • It whitens mayonnaise.
  • It preserves fruits and vegetables that oxidize easily when in contact with air.
  • It’s indispensable for marinating and tenderizing meat.
  • Before roasting a chicken, rub it with coarse salt and lemon: the skin will be crispier.
  • Lemon is a staple of diet cooking, since it dissolves fats; replace vinegar with lemon juice in dressings.

Greek lemon sauce to flavor soups and stews
Whip 3 eggs with the juice of a large lemon, add 1 cup hot stock and use immediately.

Preserved lemons
Poke a clove into each lemon, wrap in aluminum foil and roast in a 325° F oven for 2 1/2 hours. Remove the pulp and mix with honey.

Suggestion: Scallop or whitefish ceviche
Macerate scallops for 3 hours in lemon juice with tomato, cucumber, onion or the white part of scallions, all finely chopped, and some salt. Add some kiwis – fun and delicious!



Photo: Williams Sonoma Kitchen Tools

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