Cultivation and varieties
Growing Lemons



Family: Aurantiaceae
Growth: Perennial
Climate: Warm

The lemon tree is a thorny bush, covered throughout the year with small pale green oval leaves, that at the first signs of spring blooms with hundreds of little white, purple-streaked, umbellate flowers that produce a plump heavy ovoid fruit whose texture, color and shape vary by species.

The fruit is deep yellow. The flesh is composed of 6 or 12 sections and contains few seeds. Lemons are picked before maturity to preserve their acidity.

The Menton Lemon
The Menton lemon has brought fame to the Menton region of southeastern France. Large, irregular and thick-skinned, it is much milder and less acidic than other varieties and is a delight of southern French cuisine. Here in this sunny land, lemons are sold with their leaves attached which are added to sauces and other liquids. The season begins in February when the sun is hot… not scorching, but just right!

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