The making of chocolate - 1. Selecting the beans
The making of chocolate - 1. Selecting the beans

From the cocoa bean to chocolate > Step 1. Selecting the beans

An essential component for flavour: the choice of bean
The making of chocolate - 1. Selecting the beans 1

Passionate about the quest for the essential, for flavours that are original rather than for their originality, Alain Ducasse and Nicolas Berger (1) have selected beans as much for their purity as for their personality: sourced from a dozen locations, resulting in as many identities and unique flavours. Each bean is worked according to its character: more or less conching, different cooking times, little cocoa butter added, less sugar, and so on…

With no mixing of his beans, Nicolas Berger reveals the personality of each producing country: the smoky Indonesian Java, the delicate and powdered Trinidad, the tart Madagascar, the excellence of the Venezuelan Chuao and Peruvian Porcelana, the unique botanical aroma of Vietnam…


(1) La Manufacture de chocolat Alain Ducasse, Paris

Photo : La Manufacture de chocolat

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