Nature’s perfect fast food (Medicinal properties)
Nature’s perfect fast food (Medicinal properties)

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“Strawberries are among the most antioxidant rich food you can eat,” says Ms. Pearson. “The antioxidants they contain help prevent damage to cells that lead to disease like heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. They’re also an excellent source of vitamin C – just one cup exceeds your recommended intake for the day.”

•Harvard researchers have found that eating two servings of strawberries each week may reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke by reducing compounds associated with inflammation of the blood vessel wall.

•In a study by the Clinical Nutrition & Risk Factor Modification Center in Toronto, strawberries were also found to help prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol (the unhealthy or bad cholesterol in your blood) – when LDL becomes oxidized it is more likely to be deposited along arteries walls. For a healthy heart, eat strawberries.

•In a study from the University of California, valuable plant compounds found in strawberries called phenolics were found to inhibit oral, prostate and colon cancer cells in the lab. Researchers concluded that this work adds to the growing body of data showing that berry phenolics have a potential impact on human health.

Did you know? In the 13th century, strawberries were known more for their medicinal value than as a delicious fruit for consumption. Belgium even maintains an exclusive strawberry museum to educate visitors about the use and medicinal value of strawberries – which actually belongs to the rose family.

More medicinal properties

  • Anti-rheumatismal
  • astringent
  • depurative
  • diuretic
  • laxative
  • relaxant (for hypertension)
  • and possessing anti-biliary properties (to speed up sluggish intestinal function)

the strawberry provides many healthful benefits despite its diminutive size.


Collaboration : Liz Pearson, bestselling author, registered dietitian and founder of The Pearson Institute of Nutrition / Go South

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