From the market to your plate
From the market to your plate

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Edible parts

  • leaves: in salads
  • seeds: spice

Flavor and color

Prepared mustard often has a bright yellow color, but it owes this rich hue to turmeric, not to the mustard seeds.

Mustard comes in a range of flavors to satisfy every taste, from sweet and mild to hot. See the files on various types of mustard, since many ingredients can be used in prepared mustard to modify its flavor.


As mustard seed, ground (powder), oil, or prepared


Homemade mustard is excellent, but should be prepared in small quantities because it tends to lose its flavor fairly quickly.

It's best to store it in a narrow pottery or porcelain container to prevent the surface from oxidizing in contact with the air when the container is open too long.

English or German mustard made with water or vinegar will keep very well at a cool or room temperature in a tightly-sealed container.

French mustard made with wine, must or verjuice is best refrigerated after opening, particularly if you use it only occasionally.

Fresh mustard served in stoneware pots is recommended to be consumed within 3-4 months, and will have a longer shelf life than that of a glass jar, which is 2-3 months. Mustard keeps well in the fridge, as the cold temperatures keep the mustard’s flavours and spices intact.

Cooking with mustard
  • indispensible in homemade mayonnaise
  • traditional in French vinaigrettes
  • brush on a roast before putting the meat in the oven
  • use to enhance certain sauces
  • serve as a condiment with charcuterie and most meats

A marriage of hearts and minds

  • Mustard loves oil and vinegar, lemon and cream. It can be paired with practically anything.

The uses for mustard are endless. Use it on its own, as a dipping sauce, in a marinade or vinaigrette, or even to add a hint of sweetness and spice to a dessert.

Household tip

Keep in mind that whether mild or hot, mustard contains a mixture of oil and sulfur that will tarnish your silverware.

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