A Short History
A Short History

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Parsley and the Satyrs' Herb Garden

To be a good lover, it is sometimes necessary to seek out some additional energy: parsley is a convenient source, a tonic and a stimulant, full of vitamins A, B and C. As an ingredient in tabbouleh, it provides "strength for the job."

In Spain, shepherds give parsley infusions to ewes to encourage mating at all times of the year; so to increase desire and improve your relations, you can make the following infusion:


  • Heat 1 litre (4 c.) of water;
  • add 4 cups of chopped parsley;
  • remove from the heat and let infuse for 1 hour;
  • strain and reheat without boiling.
  • Dose: 2 cups per person 20 minutes before activities.
But be careful! Too much parsley can cause dizziness or bleeding!




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